About Gorillas

All Information you need to know about gorillas.

Gorilla Groups / Families

Most gorillas live in a group led by a single male, known as a silverback.  The groups usually number between five and 30, although they sometimes number up to 40 members.  Groups tend to be smaller and denser in lowland forest where food sources are more scarce.

Having stated this, the group is akin to a harem, where adult females have different ranks among themselves.  There is always one dominant silverback. He is central, while females dominate juveniles and juveniles pull rank according to age.  The silverback takes care of the group, always facing up to deadly intruders, and tolerates the infants that scramble over him.

Which food do gorillas eat?

Mountain gorillas are vegetarians primarily dwelling on leaves, shoots, roots, stems, tree barks and flowers. They also feed on fruits, bamboo shoots and wild celery. Their main home is the hagenia forest since their food is explored within this area throughout the year. The Bamboo shoots tends to grow faster and tender shoots are accessible in the months of August and December.