What behavior do gorillas have?

These remarkable Apes spend much of their time feeding, playing, foraging and resting in their nests. They live in groups with one silverback as their leader with many females and infants. Mountain gorillas are peaceful but they tend to be aggressive when there is fight between their groups.  This is a common behavior amongst gorillas in the wild especially when one silverback attacks for new group.

Gorilla always feed in the morning hours. The midday rest period is an important time for establishing and reinforcing relationships within the group. Mutual grooming reinforces social bonds, and helps keep hair free from dirt and parasites. It is not as common among gorillas as in other primates, although females groom their offspring regularly. Young gorillas play every time and in the due course, they learn how to communicate and behave within the group. Activities include wrestling, chasing and somersault, and just playing around. The silverback and his females tolerate and even participate if encouraged.

Children learn so much from their mother and other troop members that it is very difficult to re-introduce young rescued gorillas into the wild. Mothers are highly protective of their young; many have died trying to protect their offspring against poachers. Gorillas have displayed significant intelligence and have even learned simple human sign language.


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