How Do Gorillas Sleep?

One would wonder how the heavy mammals spend their overnights in the environments where they live since they are living in the rain forests. Like human beings, they love to sleep and make sure that when time for sleeping draws near, they have somewhere comfortable and this is done by constructing nests. Regardless of weather conditions, gorillas can build their nests every day.

They move daily to a different location to spend the night making nests from twigs and leaves. Some human have found them quite comfortable, even enough to fall asleep in. Gorillas enter into their nests at least one hour before the dark however on rare cases they also build nests for midday rests. Every evening, mountain gorillas build a new nest no matter how many meters it may be from the nest they used at night before. Each animal constructs its own nest and only infants sleep in the same nest as their mothers.

They sleep in nests which they build on the ground or in trees depending on various variables that is vegetation and security wise. Tree or ground nests are built mainly in forks of branches. For this nest constructed has to carry the weight of the mountain gorillas. Female gorillas and the young prefer sleeping in the trees unlike the male.

These various nests are always seen while carrying out gorilla trekking in Bwindi and Mgahinga in Uganda or Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.