Western Gorilla

The lowlands gorilla has two subspecies:  the Western and the Eastern.  The larger eastern version lives in the moist Zaire rain forests near the Rwanda-Uganda border.  The smaller western version lives in the tropical jungles of the Congo Basin.  The western lowland male has distinctive almost white saddle on its back while the eastern version has short, black fur.  For the most part, they live in societies, or families, of about five to ten gorillas.  Also related is the very rare mountain gorilla that inhabits the mountain forests of Eastern Zaire, bordering Rwanda.

The differences between the two races of gorilla are quite subtle.  The western gorilla, as stated before, is the smallest version between the two.  The western gorilla has small jaws and teeth set in a broad face.  The eastern lowland gorilla has short, black body hair and a narrow face, and is the largest version.  Gorillas stand about 5.8 feet tall.  They have short broad hands and feet that are no longer adapt to swinging beneath branches.  The longer arm mean that the mammal has a sloping backline.  The gorilla’s big toe is opposable, much like a thumb.  The sole of the gorilla’s feet lie flat on the ground.  The males weigh around 300 kilos, while the females weigh half that about 150 kilograms.